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Seeking Justice When Defective Products Injure People

The world is full of manufactured items that we use every day. We depend on manufacturers and vendors to follow safety standards as we use these goods in our business, cars, homes, at work and in public. Consumer protection laws exist to keep people who use these products safely.

If you have been injured because of dangerous or defective product, contact an attorney to discuss your legal rights and about how to you can obtain compensation from liable manufacturers and vendors.

Here Are Examples Of Defective Products

Defective product claims are a way to compensate victims of unsafe products such as the following:

  • Dangerous tools
  • Defective car parts
  • Car brake failure
  • Defective tires
  • Defective steering that locked and other car steering problems
  • Malfunctioning airbags
  • Defective jet skis and other recreational equipment

If you suffered serious or catastrophic injuries in Hawaii as a result of use or contact with a dangerous or defective product, you should be evaluated as soon as possible by a qualified medical doctor. You should also talk to an attorney once you have a statement from a medical professional as to the nature and severity of your injury.

Injury and wrongful death claims involving defective products can be difficult and expensive to develop. Expert testimony may be required to prove that a defective product violated consumer protection laws.

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